500 error, Open Source, Writing needs.

February 17, 2023

Three awesome things I feel I’ve learned this week.

  1. 500 Internal Server Error.

It’s a gift from another developer. It suggests that there is an error, but it’s not public by the developer’s choice. Is a Catchall Error. If you search for internal logs, you’ll probably find the solution to your problem.

  1. Contributing or using an open-source project.

The best way to understand open source software is by forking it, testing it locally, and then checking for the issue it’s facing. February is an Open-Source dedicated month. What do I use and where I’ll start contributing? Stop thinking to my github as a showcase, start thinking it as a tool. Fork, fork, fork.

  1. I don’t think as a standard software engineer.

I’ve understood that most of the time, a Software engineer will face a problem by: Define a plan, Execute a plan. I’m inclined to follow intuition. That’s the way of thinking that worked well for me in my prior career in the art field. If I want to talk about software engineering problems with SRE, I will need to talk about the plans, before talking about what’s happening.

(most of the time, another member of the team will not be as expert as me on the things I’m facing.)

In conclusion, in a remote-work environment, I’ll prefere to avoid talking when writing is an option.

That’s why I write. See you :)

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